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With us, there is nothing to worry about. Our montessori preschool programs will ensure that your kid learns, flourish, and grow with every passing day.
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The perfect place for preschool activities

The best Montessori education center for preschool programs

Our Montessori preschool in Plano has the best educational activities for the children. We have done detailed research in preschool programs to have the time of their life while learning amazing new things. Compared to other private schools, Our Montessori preschool in Plano, TX, have the friendliest teachers and advisors that can boost your child’s confidence. In addition, our montessori school helps your kids be friendly and social so that they can thrive in their adult life. Similarly, our preschool in Plano ensures that your child gets proper attention and care. There are many Montessori schools in Plano, but no one is like us.

Catering to your child’s educational needs and looking after them

Best Plano Montessori School For Your Kid

Our preshool education programs are developed to cater to every child’s needs, along with providing teachers with the latest digital tools so that they have complete control over the class.

Infants 3 - 12 Months

Toddler 1 - 3 Years

Primary 3 - 4 Years

Summer 4 - 5 Years

The main productive programs

Factors for crucial growth. Providing utmost excellency in our preschool programs

All of our Montessori school programs are gathered from one of the best preschools in Plano to meet your child’s requirements. These courses are designed in a way by the expert so the child can learn as much as in his early stages. This is the age in which they grow and flourish abundantly with extra help. In addition, at this age, a child learns with the help of games. As a result, we have developed special programs that can help them in many areas.

Gardening All of the children will have a garden in their outdoor areas. During spring, children and teachers work together to develop a fantastic garden through learning and having fun.
Sport As most kids are glued to screens, they need to build their big and small motor skills and cardiovascular endurance during the early stages. A sports segment is necessary so that child obesity problems can be controlled in these early phases of life.
Art Kids love to show the hidden artist in them with the help of some colours. With our preschool academy, they can draw as much as they want, build puppets, and collages, make musical instruments and flower bouquets, and also learn crafting skills at an early age.
Outdoor One of the best things about our Plano Montessori school is that we have plenty of outdoor spaces. These spaces are an addition to our large playground. Kids playing in these outdoor areas experience nature learn teamwork and see how nature takes a course with time.
Math This preschool program is taught in our Montessori preschool in Plano with extra care. This course will include interactive tasks, fun games, assessments, and printable worksheets.
Literacy One of the best things about our Plano Montessori school is that we have plenty of outdoor spaces. These spaces are an addition to our large playground. Kids playing in these outdoor areas experience nature learn teamwork and see how nature takes a course with time.

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Why choosing Little Ivies Montessori would be the best option

An easygoing environment

Children tend to flourish and learn more when they are not under pressure and the environment feels like home.

Easy Language learning

Most of the time, children perform best in the schools when they go to private schools for almost 12 months learning the basics of language.

Affordable Packages

we have implementing some of the most updated childcare practices in Montessori at affordable prices for your children.

Understanding your need

We believe in listening to parents as we know every child is unique and they need special care. Come to us, and all your requirements will be met.

The process of introduction

A procedure that helps you and your children to sync with the Montessori school setting. Our experts make sure the whole process goes smoothly.

Exceptional Educators

We have handpicked our educators as they play an essential role in building a solid foundation for a child's learning capability.


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Satisfied Parents Saying About Little Ivies

Ifana M
Ifana M
Ms. Shazia as well as all the other teachers are very caring to the children. Specially, the one to one time they provide to individual students to improve their crafts and arts skills is truly amazing. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a day care for your kiddo!
Alyssa Rivera
Alyssa Rivera
I’m so glad we chose Little Ives Montesseri for my son! They are so kind & understanding when it comes to his care, and have the best lesson plans for kids to continue to develop their education at all ages. My son is very timid and shy but has adjusted to them so quickly and loves it there so much I 100% recommend them. I couldn’t thank them enough for all that they do.❤️
Salma Espinoza
Salma Espinoza
Ms. Shazia is the best! I have toured sooo many daycares and finding the perfect one was so difficult. As a parent, leaving my kids with someone else for the first time had given me anxiety that went through the roof. Upon arrival of our tour, she made us feel super welcomed and comfortable. She ensured both me and my daughter felt safe and that’s all I could ask for! The daycare itself is really clean, colorful and gives a home-like feeling. Classrooms are small, giving the teachers time to focus on the children which is also awesome. Can’t wait for my daughters to start, I will definitely update this review in a few months!
Edith Mokam
Edith Mokam
I would find a better and reasonable daycare like this. My toddler's always happy going there full of care, engagement and patient staff. Great place ever.
Pashawn Stubblefield
Pashawn Stubblefield
I have toddler twins who attend this daycare and they are learning and enjoying themselves here. My are talking more and more. Great school.
Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee
Little Ivies not only changed my little ones life but mine as well!! My little one began attending when she was just turning 1 and we all know how letting our precious babies hands go can be, but since day ONE each and every teacher has truly been a blessing! My daughter never leaves with out a hug or even a “I love you” 🙂 She has obtained so much knowledge and so much developmental growth! Seriously the BEST place ever! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!
sivaranjani ande
sivaranjani ande
Miss Shazia is amazing in taking care of my 5 year old daughter in summer school. She enjoyed her time there. I strongly recommend this daycare.
Jessica Jeffrey
Jessica Jeffrey
Love, love, love this daycare. I have had my 3 children in several daycares. Big ones and small ones. This daycare is by far the best I have found. My baby is always happy, clean and fed. These ladies love the children and provide the best of care. I am always confident my child is in good hands.
Masood Rashidi
Masood Rashidi
Right place for kids to get the knowledge ! 💜

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