Initiating the search for genius in every child

Through intensive research, we need what your child wants.

At little Ivies Montessori in Plano, we have created a cooperative and encouraging environment that increases the child’s moral values, ignites social interaction, and boosts their self-esteem. In addition to this, they also get to learn about different cultures and societal norms. Our Plano Montessori academy has a warm and loving community that includes loving preschoolers, passionate teachers, and cooperative parents who lets their children have all the fun while learning the most important aspects of early life.

Our preschool educational method in Plano involves compassion and respect. A child flourishes when they have a safe environment with lots of learning activities.

Vision & Mission Statements

What we believe

Our mission is to improve preschool activities in Plano with the help of new and friendly methodologies.

Our Vision

We help children across the city so that they can perform kindergarten tasks with ease.


The philosophy of our preschool programs is to provide children with a safe atmosphere where they learn new skills while having fun.

Helping your child to get ready for help

Why should you choose us?

The foundations that we have defined as the core structure of our educational system give our Plano Montessori school the edge. Six core factors have been written in the heart of little Ivies Montessori.

Experiential Learning

We use a new learning methodology where children can learn from their surroundings by exploring and trying new stuff.


Your child’s education does not just depend upon the educational center. His family, peers, and many community members have an essential role in his educational success.

Team Work

One of the most excellent skills a child can have is to connect with other kids. This way, whenever he feels unsafe or wants to get something solved, he or she always knows how to get assistance.

Models of learning

Our Montessori educational center in Plano has gathered the best-proven models of education that will be very helpful for your child in their early stages of learning.


Years of experience


Students Enrolled


Qualified Teachers


Total Groups

Experienced and Professional

We handpicked our staff with careful consideration:

Above and beyond our already stringent code of ethics and guidelines for continuing education, our professional staff is guided by the principles and ethical codes of the following clinical and educational organizations:

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