Primary Montessori School Mckinney, Texas

The reason behind Montessori primary school development is to prepare toddlers ages of 3 to 4 years with everything necessary for kindergarten. This milestone is achieved by putting more responsibilities on the child and more advanced Montessori primary classroom activities they can choose as this is the age where they can learn more information in an efficient & effective way.

The perfect plan for primary school activities

Our goal regarding Montessori primary classroom activity is to introduce primary students to multiple activities that enhance their motor, social, language, and cognitive abilities. In addition, our trained staff will facilitate the students with the education, supervision, and care required to flourish and learn productive things. Moreover, the focus of this curriculum will total revolve around five areas.

  • Cultural studies.
  • Mathematics.
  • Language skills.
  • Practical life skills.
  • Sensorial development.

The overview of the development

Learning basic practical life skills is very important to primary-aged students who will join kindergarten. Montessori’s primary activities include loving nature and taking care of it, along with self-development skills such as buttoning & zipping. In addition, they also learn social development skills with the help of grace & courtesy in their everyday lives. For sensory skills development, they need hands-on activities to differentiate between stuff according to height & order.

Primary School Education

When it comes to the language section, our primary school classes use the approach of phonics. In this approach, we use essential sounds to link letters so kids can make words and sentences. After the language section comes the mathematics area, in which they learn how to count and perform basic arithmetic methods like addition and subtraction using natural life objects. At the end of the curriculum, there is a whole section in which students learn about people from different geographical locations and their details.

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